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The Enable Course

Kicking off on Tuesday the 29th of January, Mission Ipswich East warmly invites you to come and be part of a course called Enable.

Enable is a 6 week course looking at how as Christians we can seek to be more confident and relaxed in sharing our faith with the world around us in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.

Enable isn't designed for people who love sharing their faith and feel super confident - quite the opposite! If you're nervous about sharing Jesus with others and feel ill equipped for the task - Enable is created specifically with you in mind!

During Enable we are going to spend some time as family in Christ, worshiping God, praying, hearing talks, learning together and discussing ideas about how God can grow us into more confident, relaxed and natural witnesses in and through our everyday lives.

God doesn't want to change us to enable us to reach out to others in love - He wants to use us just as we are with all the talents, passions, strengths and weakness' that make us who we are!

You don't need the gift of the gab, an outgoing or confident personality, or a fantastic Bible knowledge for God to use your life to reach out and transform the lives of others ... you just need to be willing for God to use you!

Enable kicks off on Tuesday 29th of January and will run for 6 weeks (7.30pm to 9pm) at St Andrew’s Church, Britannia Road, Ipswich, IP4 5HF.

During the course we will be looking at a range of issues affecting our outreach. Issues such as fear, relationships, challenging questions and much more besides ... there won't be any cheesy role play or anything like that - just a chance to come together as a family of believers and seek after God's heart for our town! No booking required, just turn up ... and feel free to bring a friend. We look forward to welcoming you!