Hello! And a very warm welcome to you!

We’re are really glad you’ve found us! Perhaps you’ve paid us a visit at St John’s,  St Andrew’s or Bixley Farm already, or maybe you’re completely new to faith and have never set foot inside a Church before, it really doesn't matter, we’re happy you're here …

At all our Churches we are committed to the idea that Church should be an enjoyable, welcoming and a comfortable place for ALL PEOPLE.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong Jesus follower or someone who is exploring faith for the very first time, we want you to know, you are so welcome here!

We recognise that for many the thought of coming to Church for the first time may be a scary one and so aim to make that process as easy as possible!

For those of you that perhaps haven’t attended a Sunday service before and are still in the process of exploring what faith is all about we have a number of options available to you ….

  • Maybe you are keen to attend on a Sunday, if so that's brilliant, you are really welcome to just turn up. Keep an eye out for our welcome team and other members of staff – do come and say hi, we’d love to meet you in person.
  •  If Sunday seems like a bit of a daunting first step, fear not … We’ve got your back! Why not check out some of our introductory courses (we offer small discussion groups you can join in with, as well as an option to meet 1 on 1 with one of our friendly staff team or volunteers).
  •  Finally, if you’re keen to learn more about this faith lark but Sunday’s and groups aren’t your cup of tea. Check out our Got Questions section where you can either ask your questions online or request to meet with a friendly team member to chat with over a coffee.

If you have any unanswered questions or queries about our Sunday services or anything else we offer, feel free to get in touch, we’re here to help: office@mie.org.uk 

You can find out more about what a typical Sunday with us looks like by heading over to the Sundays section of our website.