If you are creating or modifying a page on the web site, please follow these guidelines to keep the look and feel the same.  A key design principle was to have consistency and quality across the whole site.

  • Images - please use pixabay for quality images, never use clip art!
  • Images - for a group of images please use a gallery page to upload the images, then use a normal page with a collection object to show them.  This controls the layout and size of images much better than directly adding many image blocks directly to a page
  • Content - less is more.  When we built the site we didnt want long streams of text.  If there is a lot of content try to use a folder then pages with less content in the folder.  This given the list on the left hand side navigation you see on pages like Youth and Childrens and Famililes pages.
  • Audience - the site is focussed on newcomers, so think what and how to write for that audience.